Second Grade Math

Second Grade Math

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Second Grade Math
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Second Grade Math is a challenge for both parents and the kid. The only way to be successful with Math is to practice. Hooked on Math® is designed to take kids ages 6 to 10 from basic addition and subtraction all the way through multiplication and long division, while making learning fun, not frustrating. Along with musical audio cassettes, flash cards, and workbooks filled with fun lessons and activities, kids begin to build a solid foundation in the math skills they need to succeed in school. With original games like Space Bingo® and Remainder Road that use play money and game pieces, kids have a fun way to reinforce the key math concepts learned which builds the platform for second grade math.Click Here for more details

Second Grade Math by Hooked On Math includes the following:

  • 4 workbooks with stories and activities
  • 9 audio cassettes
  • 4 progress posters to track learning success
  • 3 sets of fun stickers kids love
  • 1 Parent's guides
  • 16 flash card sets
  • 1 play money and plastic money bag set

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Second Grade Math by Hooked On Math (frequently asked questions)

Q. Q. My child just shuts down when it comes to math but likes reading and other subjects. What can I do?

A. The "I hate math" attitude could really mean "I don't understand math." Perhaps your child needs a different approach. Try fun, everyday activities like cooking, construction, or gardening to bring mathematics to life. Have fun with math together, and be lavish with praise for all accomplishments.

Q. Are computer math programs good for children?

A. They're great when combined with other learning methods and activities. While many programs provide a stimulating, fun way of learning and practicing math facts and problem solving, a child still needs to be able to apply concepts in the real world. Following a computer session, ask your child to show you what he has learned. Then find a way to use the same skill in your kitchen, playroom, or backyard.

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